Black Ops Pro Harness:
Includes the standard harness to be used with my Black Ops Pro holsters. And 4 quick clips.

It holds tight to the body and offers the best for concealment. Straight up and down. Easiest to put on. No belt needed. 
Black Ops Pro Elite
Shoulder Harness

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Hello, I have thought about this product for a very long time. But have always told my self. If I can't make it work with my holsters. I won't make it. If I can't make it very concealable. I won't make it.

Well it does, The Black Ops Pro Harness works very well with my holsters. It's very adjustable. And very concealable. Especially straight up and down. I used the biggest carry gun I use to test. An FNP 45 with a Streamlight TLR-1. Straight up and down hides the massive grip. Under a cover garment.

The major bonus is that if you already have a Black Ops Pro holsters of mine. You can now carry another way. Shoulder, OWB and IWB. I also designed a dual magazine to be used on the Black Ops Pro shoulder harness and IWB and OWB.

Black Ops Pro Harness Dual Mag Pouch: 175.00 + Shipping.

This mag pouch can be used on your shoulder
harness and can also be used on your belt, both
IWB and OWB. I designed the dual mag pouch to be reversable. On the shoulder harness, the Mags are canted up with bullets pointing down. For easy reloading. For OWB & IWB they are canted forward, you just turn the mags around so bullets are pointed forward for a normal weak side carryfor a right-handed shooter.
Elite Side Mounts : 40.00

The Elite are 2 Side mounts to be
used on the belt slots of the holster.

With the Elite side mounts, You can angle the
holster for a little easier drawing of your firearm.
Quick Clips are the most secure set up for the Black Ops Pro Harness. They are steel snaps with a patented design that uses a steel pin to make sure that they can never come undone.
Black Ops Pro Harness with 4 quick clips: 265.00 + shipping.